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Jill Benson

Jill Benson started playing music, both flute and piano, in grade school and from then continued on a lifelong musical journey. In college, she played in numerous solo and Ensemble contests, including State solo ensemble, where she received star firsts all 4 years of high school in both flute and voice solos. She performed in several musicals and  received the John Philip Sousa band Award.. She auditioned and received a vocal scholarship to UWSP at the end of her senior year. She attended UWSP for 2 years as a double music major (vocal and instrumental music education), and was fortunate to have studied with her flute professor, who was a Juilliard Graduate, and voice professor who was a Berklee graduate. She is working to finish her vocal performance major at UW Parkside. Jill has been in bands for 30 years, and is currently very active in the local music scene, where she gigs with the local band Test 1-2, is a member of the band Mad Bark and is working with a 3rd band. She’s also involved in numerous other side projects where she writes and performs original music. Her Facebook music page (JB Music Connection) is where she posts many of her live performances and recordings with many talented musicians.