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Be Your Own Piano Man … or woman

The piano is the musical base for leaning scales to composing music. It may be music’s foundation but it is also flexible, responding to how soft or hard you play on its keys.

Classical composers have sweat over symphony’s composed on their pianos, with some on the brink of madness. But the piano’s tune is not lost on modern day musicians with lone solos on this beauty.

“The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind.”

~ Maria Cristina Mena

Choosing Your Piano or KEyboard

A piano can add an elegant sophistication to a home. When selecting a piano you will want to consider how it will fit in your home, the style of music that you will play on it, and your tuning needs. For those of you looking for a more compact solution, we also carry a line of keyboards.

Come into the Musicology store to discuss what would be the best fit for your and your needs. 

Incredible Boy Plays Street Piano in New Orleans

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