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Called “woodwinds” because of their reeds, this group of instruments sing out light and airy notes. They can blend into an orchestra, alone can tell a story, or mimic the flight of a bird. The woodwinds are refined, as are the skills or their musicians. 

These instruments are agile, can lift notes high into the air, and yet can be an easy entry point for a new music student, but hold a musician’s attention for a lifetime of refinement.

“For forty years I have play the oboe, and still I never know what is coming out. It is a perpetual anxiety. But maybe this is good-I have never the time to get myself bored.”

~ Marcel Tabuteau

How to Decide?

Go with the classic flute? Or perhaps you want to go up an octave to the piccolo? Or take on the cadilac of the woodwinds, the oboe?

Come on in to the Musicology store and we can talk to you about the differences between these instruments, large and small.

Jasmine (live)- Flight of the Bumble Bee 최나경

Learn about more than just reeds. Private lessons are available for you to improve your skills.