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Sing your song with strings

Classical music wouldn’t be what it is without string instruments. The haunting, beautiful sounds they make resonate like voices singing.

Those strings for which these instruments are named, produce the sound by transmitting vibrations into the wooden body, which sings and vibrates along with the air inside its body.

“Music goes beyond words in its power to express human emotion. It is both the form and the content of human experience, being both exquisitely precise and richly ambiguous. For children, it constitutes the ultimate education and preparation for life.”

~John Adam


String instrument are created with a combination of materials, craftsmanship, varnish, aging, and a little luck. Musicians of string instruments take great care of them, and you often find them dusted with chalky powder from the bows and patches of rosin.

Whether you want to go classical with the violin, throwback even farther with the viola, take on the cello, or find a way to funk out with the bass; come on in to the Musicology store and let us help you make a selection.​

John Legend - All of Me (Piano/Cello Cover) - Brooklyn Duo

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