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Mykel Zandelihk Alekzanderh

Specialties: Vocal, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Ensemble

Mr. Alekzanderh began playing music at the age of 5. He was self taught until the age of 13, when is formal musical training began and he started playing professionally. Mykel majored in music and theater at UW Parkside of Kenosha Racine of Wisconsin and is a certified music teacher. Classically trained in Piano as a child, he has been performing professionally in a wide variety of musical combinations: Musical Theatre/Theatre, Bands (various forms of Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Prog. Fusion, Alternative, Country, Cajun, Blues,Experimental, 50’s & 60’S, Dance, Bluegrass, Techno, Industrial, Jam Band, Original etc.) Opera, Orchestrial, Classical, Chorals/Choruses, etc.

Mykel Zandelihk performing

Mr. Alekzanderh studied music at Alverno College as well as at UW Parkside and is currently in the process in completing a Bachelors in Music. He is a certified music teacher, having taught at Horst Music, Music Store of Racine, TGMS Studios, Kenosha Conservatory, The Burlington High School, Music Go Round, and Brass Bell.  Having founded The Burlington Academy of Music he is also a teacher and musical director at Lake Geneva House of Music.

With over 30 years of professional experience, Mr. Alekzanderh has performed locally, regionally, and on the road nationally with well over a hundred bands. He has performed, written, arranged, and produced on multiple recordings & CDs. In Mr.Alekzanderh’s free time he is in the studio writing, arranging, and producing with various musical artists, or performing one of 6 bands that he is a member, or  booking entertainment acts in music or theater with his entertainment production company, Zeahl Entertainment Productions.

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