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About Musicology

Musicology was created to be a local resource for community members who are both starting out with their musical endeavors or are lifelong devotees. Music is one of the fine arts that has so many benefits, it’s a challenge to list them all. Musicology is committed to creating access to the musical experience in the Burlington area.

The founder of Musicology, Joel Drouin, is a true student of the art. Since his early teens, he has been passionate about music, particularly rock and roll and worked to develop his skills on the guitar. Now he also builds custom guitars and can help you create exactly the sound and feeling you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Not that Musicology is only focused on guitars; we support musicians of all types and will have a wide selection of lessons and gear that will be right for you. And if we don’t have it, we can get it! Using Joel’s knowledge of gear and the inner mechanics of everything from pickups to amps to recording software, Musicology will not be your typical music store. We will have lines you have heard of and some you haven’t. Joel will be able to work with you to choose the gear that’s right for you.